About Seaborne Freight (UK) Limited

Seaborne Freight serves the needs of cross channel freight traffic. Established by highly respected industry professionals Seaborne addresses an unprecedented demand from the industry for a ‘freight only’ service. Key to the success of the venture is the identification, acquisition and operational management of suitable freight ferries.

Freight Ferry Services operate between Ramsgate and Ostend and offer facilities uniquely tailored to the needs of the freight industry and their drivers. Including:

  • Bookable crossings to facilitate delivery scheduling and avoid the uncertainty of existing services.
  • Ramsgate/Ostend offers drivers from Northern Europe a more direct route saving around 100km over existing routes and avoiding congestion and delays around Calais.
  • Ramsgate offers drivers direct freight access to the main UK road network, via a dedicated port tunnel, removing the need to drive through built up areas. • Ostend provides similar easy access for freight traffic to the main European road network.
  • The crossing time aligns closely with driver compulsory rest period requirements.
  • As a dedicated freight service the facilities on board are designed around professional freight driver needs and ensures their journeys are as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
Seaborne Freight