About Seaborne Freight (UK) Ltd


Seaborne Freight (UK) Limited will be reintroducing the Ramsgate to Ostend Freight Ferry service in the Spring of 2019. The new service will have a number of unique features and benefits designed to meet the needs of both operators and their drivers:

  • Crossings can be pre-booked to facilitate more accurate delivery scheduling, as well as avoiding the queuing system which operates at other ports.
  • The Ostend to Ramsgate crossing offers drivers coming from Northern Europe a much more direct route, saving around,100km in driving distance and avoiding the congestion and delays that occur around Calais.
  • Ramsgate offers freight drivers easy access to the main UK motorway network through a dedicated tunnel from the Port which removes the need to drive through built up areas and speeds up the journey to destinations throughout the UK. In Ostend freight traffic has the same easy access to the main European road network.
  • The programmed voyage time of just over four hours aligns closely with driver compulsory rest time regulations.
  • Seaborne Freight is conscious of the need to provide drivers with a comprehensive range of onboard facilities to ensure that the journey across the Channel is both comfortable and enjoyable.

The new Seaborne service has been designed to meet the specific requirements of the freight industry where demand continues to increase year on year, and which becomes increasingly selective.  

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